Clay Geerdes Tributes and More

Copy This! #26
Copy This! #26

D. Blake Werts and David Miller are back with kind thoughts in memory of Clay Geerdes, journalist, teacher and mini comix publisher.

Landing in mailboxes this week is Copy This! #26, the Clay Geerdes Tribute edition. After Blake’s intro, Clay’s Newave Manifesto is reprinted. Then on to the main event—fond recollections and a little history presented in prose and comics form from R.C. Harvey, Bruce Chrislip, Jim Siergey, Clark Dissmeyer, Jim Valentino, J.R. Williams, Par Holman, George Erling, Jim Ryan, Bob Vojtko, Steve Willis, Brad W. Foster and David Miller.

This 68-page monster mini also includes artwork by Howard Cruse, John Howard, Jim Siergey, Jim Valentino, Clay Geerdes, George Erling, Bob Vojtko, Brad W. Foster, David Miller and Dan W. Taylor.

The cover is by Clay with title work by David Miller.

To join CT! rush your mini comics and/or stamps to:
D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

David Miller also announced the addition of two new installments to The Clay Geerdes Archives blog. David’s next project is to focus on Clay’s many photographs of Underground Cartoonists.

Lastly, there is a new humor magazine out with its second issue in development, called The American Bystander. See their Kickstarter Campaign for #2 for who’s in it and what it’s all about.

Fearsome Zine


Emily Cabaniss documents her love of zines and The Iron Church in her first zine. It’s Fearless: a mini-zine about the power of strength-training. This limited-edition, hand-made effort weighs in with 8 pages and classic mini comix dimensions. Send Emily email for details on how to get your copy and start lifting.

Ditkomania #94

Ditkomania #94
Ditkomania #94

“Editkorial” by editor Rob Imes.
“Kickstarting Ditko” by Javier Hernandez
“Steve Ditko’s Weird Comics #1” Review by Nick Caputo
“Ditko’s Shorts” Reviewed by Bryan Stroud
“Ditko, Discovered!” by Wang Jiaxiang
“The Guy Next Door” comic with story & art by J. War along with a explaination in prose
“The Family History of Steve Ditko” by Rob Imes
“The Five-Page Review” by Rob Imes
Letters from Mike Tuz and Dave Sim

Ditkomania’s Facebook page

Gnartoons Export Zine

Gnartoons Export Zine
Gnartoons Export Zine

James The Stanton presents the Gnartoons Export Zine. A 28-page (plus covers) comix zine in the popular digest-size format with reprints of Gnartoons previously presented in Intruder Comix #3 & 7, Meat Oct. 2012, Slambang Comics #5, Too Many Damned Draculas July 2012, Milk and Carrots #2, Dune #18 & 19 and Fantagraphics Freak Mini Comic Book.

(This particular edition is from the second printing and includes a rare glimpse with the “Sale Price $5” sticker removed in Photoshop–don’t ask why.)

Get yers @ Gnartoons Etsy and for free entertainment without obligation visit Gnartoons

T-Frags #240

tfrags_240_w500UFO chairman Rob Imes and members have published Tetragrammation Fragments #240, the official newsletter of the United Fanzine Organization.

Members include:
David Branstetter
Rick Brooks
Jason Bullock
Gavin Callaghan
Sam Gafford
Rob Imes
Larry Johnson
Roger Keel
Steve Shipley
Alan Sissom
Jim Main
Steve Keeter

The limited-edition zine is available to non-members for $3.00 (PPD).
5.5” x 8.5” saddle-stitched, 36 pages plus cover
Includes reviews of member zines, editorials and a few comics pages.

Rob Imes
13510 Cambridge #307
Southgate, MI 48195

XD #37

XD #37
XD #37

Xerography Debt #37 is out. 68 pages of zine culture, reviews and opines from editor Davida Gypsy Breier, Anne Thalheimer, D. Blake Werts, Carlos Palacios, Eric Lyden, Fred Argoff, DJ Frederick, Gavin J. Grant, Joe Biel, Josh Medsker, Julie Dorn, Ken Bausert, Kris Mininger, Liz Mason, Maynard Welstand, Stuart Stratu and William P. Tandy.

Check out XD on Leeking Inc., the XD blog, and on Microcosm.

Jungle Drums #2

jungledrums2From Jim Main’s Facebook page: JUNGLE DRUMS #2-pre-order is now available! For $7.00, you get a hard copy of the publication as well as a pdf of the title prior to printing. You also save on postage as the cover price $6.99 this issue…there are more pages this issue…and many color interiors..
to order, send $7.00 total to yours truly at my paypal account at Jim Main  THANKS!!! (US and Canada, overseas PDF only)