Fadeaway #48

Fadeaway #48
Fadeaway #48

Arriving in mailboxes earlier this week: Robert Jennings’ strictly off the grid, Fadeaway #48 (April/May 2016).

“Change is Inevitable” by Robert Jennings
“Dan Mcdonagh: The Passing of a Patriot and a Pillar of the Community” by Louis Desy Jr.
“Johnny Red: War Over Russian Skies” by Robert Jennings
“The Annals of Hoosier Fandom” by David B. Williams
“Reader Reaction” with William Breiding, Ed Meskys, Ken Faig, George Phillies, Dale Nelson, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Brad W. Foster, Rich Lynch, Murray Moore, Darrell Schweitzer, John Purcell, Rich Dengrove, Milt Stevens, Bill Plott, David B. Williams, Tom McGovern and Ray Nelson.

Editor: Robert Jennings
Cover: Tim Dumont
Interior Illos: John Cody, Brad Foster, Jose Sanchez, Marc Schirmeister
8.5” x 11” 44 pages, side stapled

Robert Jennings
29 Whiting Road
Oxford, MA 01540
fabficbks (at) aol (dot) com

Copies are available for a letter of comment, or a print fanzine in trade, or by subscription at a cost of $25 for six issues. LOCs are much preferred. Any person who has not previously received a copy of this fanzine may receive a sample copy of the current issue for free by sending your name and address.