The Light of the World by James Rubino

light234The latest title from Rubino Comics is The Light of the World. The life of Christ is retold in vivid illustrations and portraits by Thomas Ahearn, Rock Baker, Byron Black, Larry Blake, Ken Cotrona, Luisa Felix, Alisa Rubino, James Rubino and Carl Taylor.

This 36 page comic is available as a free download or at cost, $2.57 in print from IndyPlanet.

James Rubino Comics

The Vicar: Eppstein, Neno, Wyatt

The Vicar
The Vicar

The limited-edition The Vicar is out from Nix Comics. It features 52 pages of fine, full-color indie comics by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno, Eppstein and Matt Wyatt, pin-ups by Javier Hernandez, Jay Piscopo, Mark Rudolph and Rich Trask, and plenty of background info from whence all of this Vicarious fun spawned.

Thirteen well-spent bucks, plus shipping for to-your-door delivery in a substantial cardboard mailer from Nix Comics. These won’t last so get yours pronto.

Archives of the Alien #4

aota_4_w500New from James Rubino Comics: Archives of the Alien #4 “Life on Planet Blank” includes work by James Rubino, Luisa Felix, Thomas Ahearn, Byron Black, Larry Blake, Gerardo Aguirre Mata and Ken Cotrona. Standard comic book size, 32 pages, it’s available in digital for 99¢ and print for $3.00 from IndyPlanet.